The Octopus & The Giraffe

Once upon a time there was a beautiful giraffe, one that spent most of her days running, she stopped at nothing. Only when it got darker she’d get back home, and wonder why she keeps running all the time, she feels like she’s looking for something but she can never find it, something that is missing from her, that’ll make her whole again.

One day while she was running as usual, she reached to the sea, she stopped once her feet touched the cold water and took a step back, she realized that sea finally stopped her, its the only place where she couldn’t continue her running. She staired at the open water, and as she was thinking she enjoyed listening to the waves of the ocean, few short moments after she felt like this is the only place – in a long time – that she felt like she belong to.

When darkness was near she went back to where she belong to, but this time she was happy, she no longer thought about running, she knew that tomorrow when she wakes up she’ll know exactly where to run to. And that exactly what she did the next day, as soon as she woke up, she took off to the sea, her safe haven, her peaceful place, she spent most of her days by the sea, sitting still watching the open water wondering what’s beyond it, but not really interested enough in going there, she felt safe right where she was, on the nice sandy beach.

As she stood there by her favorite place in the world, on a regular day just like every other day, the giraffe noticed something in the water, she looked deeper, and it was an octopus. Just like the giraffe this octopus always looked up to the surface, always felt like he didn’t belong at the bottom of the ocean, and when he finally left her head out of the water he saw the giraffe, and felt like this is where he’s suppose to be.

The giraffe liked the octopus spending his days with her, though they could never talk, those two creature were mates of life, one standing few steps from the shore the other’s in the water. Funny how unperfect things sometimes feel so perfect, that’s how those 2 were, they were from 2 different places but fate brought them together.

On another regular day just like every other day, when the octopus reached his usual spot he noticed that his giraffe was no longer standing, but she laid there lifeless, the octopus spend the whole day hoping that she would get up, but she didn’t, he tried to assume that she was sleeping but he knew what was wrong with her the moment he saw her, he refused to believe it though, so when darkness was decending the octopus swam closer to the shore and got out of the water until he reached her where he laid there beside her lifeless body, waiting for fate to take his soul as it took hers.


The end 


7 thoughts on “The Octopus & The Giraffe

  1. Awwwwwww NOOOOOOOOOO :@
    Poor octopus!! Laaaaaaish halon??
    when he found the love of his life she died T_T
    R.I.P Miss Giraffe

  2. Fay .. yeah in a way it reflects on real life =)) thanks for the comment
    Ahmaady .. thanks =$ a5jalt tawa’93y hehehe, thanks for the lovely comment

  3. It always like this when you got near something that good something bad have to happen
    poor octopus god with you bro.
    n may your giraffe RIP ='(

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