Once upon a cow there was a cow named Amy.. and on her birthday which is on the 16th of may she wished to have a nice penguin.. so the night of her birthday Amy went by the lake closed her eyes, crossed her fingers and wished upon a star for it! Sadly for Amy her fairy godmother had too much to drink that night where she misunderstood the wish a little ..

The next day Amy woke feeling so cold that she almost froze to death! Her twisted fairy godmother sent her to the north pole instead of sending her a penguin!!!! Amy was freaking out all by herself she didn’t know where to go or what to do.. Suddenly she saw a little cottage so she ran to it as fast as possible and as soon as she got there she let herself in and she heard *SURPRISE*!! Amy was shocked.. it was a group of penguins throwing her a surprise birthday party! they knew she was coming cause the fairy godmother gave them a ring about it ..

There was a Huge cake sitting in the middle of the room! and the KABOOOOOM .. the cake blew and a penguin called Neo fell out of the cake ! Amy & Neo fell in love immediately and they got married and had tiny little cute Pengcows where they finally lived happily ever after ..

The End

P.S. This story is dedicated to my best friend and sister Amy 😉 for her birthday so Happy Birthday Amy ..  


4 thoughts on “Pengcow!

  1. niiice stoooryy
    yebteha she is amy and he is neo
    w a7la shai el fairy god mother 3jbatnei hehehe 5oosh fairey

    OMG ur imagination is WOW
    a7s Amy tabeeee y9eer lha halooon 9ij
    and she will die to meet one of the m5aaaarfeeen fairy god mothers 😛 to ask them to make it true
    hehehehe 3ageeeeeeeebaaa Amalie

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