Night Dream ..

As she stood there behind the counter waiting, looking at the clock every now and then, she was wondering what took them so long ..

But all the worrying disappeared as soon as her little daughter came running in, with a big smile on her beautiful face, and her arms open wide to her mama .. She takes her in and give her a big warm hug and kisses her, that’s her youngest one she’s about 2, then her elder daughter, who’s almost 6 years old, walks in also with a smile on her face, and her mom opens her arms for her too and takes her in.. Finally her eldest son, 8 years old, walks in his expressions showed that he was happy to see his mom, yet there was a lot of worrying in his sad eyes, she opens her arms for him but he didn’t approach her.. he just asked her “Did you take your medication?” she bit her lips and smiles and when she was just about to answer him, he stormed off “MOM, this is not a joke! If you don’t take your medication like you’re suppose to, how are you going to get better” he points at his little sister and says “what’s her name!” she looks at him and the smile was still on her face but there was confusion in her eyes .. He points at his other sister and says “what’s her name! .. what’s my name!” tears started to accumulate in her eyes but she held them in, her smile was still on her face she choked out the words “Baby I know who you are, that’s all that matters” .. “That’s not enough mom!” he said and left the shop

Her two daughters were still between her arms, she held them so tight in a way that she didn’t wanna let go, like she haven’t seen them forever.. “He wants a cell phone” her elder daughter said, “he thinks that it’ll be useful, you know for ..” .. “then let’s go get him one” she replied with a big smile on her face, one that was supposed to hide how hurt she was from her sons attitude.. “I want a cell phone too mommy!” said the little one, “Oh really, how about a teddy bear instead” .. the youngest one with a huge smile “YAY”

They walked into the store, but it was far too confusing for her to know what to get, she didn’t know anything about cell phone, she used to but not anymore, so she looked at her daughter and said “How about we let him decide which cell phone he wants, huh?” she asked her daughters and the elder one said “yeah I think he should choose for himself” .. “Alright, let’s go get him.. Wait, where do you think he went?”

“Maybe to that video store he always hang out at” her daughter said .. they walked out of the store, and there was coffee shop, there at the table she saw a woman sitting, as soon as she saw her joy filled her heart, it was her sister, she felt like she didn’t see her for years “Look it’s your aunt” she told her daughters with a big smile on her face.. “Umm mom wait .. ” her daughter tried to say something to her mom, but she was too excited she reached her sister with a big smile, as soon as her sister saw her, there was a confusion in her eyes, she wasn’t smiling back she was looking at her sister weirdly, she also looked at her daughters weirdly.. That’s when she realized that there’s something wrong, something happened but as usual she doesn’t seem to remember, the look in her sister’s eyes even though it was mixed up with a lot of pity it also showed that she didn’t want her to come say hello, so she backed off and turned around  and walked away, once again tears rushed into her eyes but she held them in, she was walking quietly while she’s holding one daughter’s hand and holding the other one in her arms.. In her head she was thinking about it, trying to remember what happened between her and her sister, in a long time she wasn’t able to recognize anyone, and when she finally does she also learns that person is mad at her, she kept on wondering what went wrong, and is it what made her this way, where did those kids come from, am I married, if yes then where’s my husband, did something happened between us too, is he mad at me like my sister is .. Did he leave me ..

“Mommy I want a purse” her little daughter said while pointing at a store that had cute purses for girls her age.. “Sure thing baby”.. They walked into the store and the little girl started running around looking for something nice.. “You should get yourself a school bag baby” she told her elder daughter, “school is starting soon” .. Her daughter had a huge smile on her face she was so happy cause its the first time in a long time that her mom could remember something so big like when school would start.. ” Mommy I want this one” said the little girl holding out a cute golden purse.. “Oh my honey that a lovely choice” she said.. The lady that worked at the store was  kind, she told the little girl, that the purse had a mirror inside it, when the little girl opened the purse she saw that the mirror was broken “don’t worry, I’ll get you a new one” the lady said.. That’s when her mom took the mirror and held it in her hands, she looked at the mirror that reminded her so much of a mirror that she used to own .. Suddenly a flash of memories came before her eyes, she remembered everything, her children’s names, why her sister wasn’t speaking to her, it’s because she married a guy that her family didn’t approve of, but she couldn’t help it she was madly in love with him, and she remembered the reason why she’s forgetting things all the time.. she looked at her daughters this time she couldn’t hold the tears that were streaming heavily from her eyes “He didn’t leave.. He didn’t leave me .. He died

….& then she collapsed, like she usually do whenever something reminds her of the horrible death of her husband, the one she loves with all her heart, the one that she left everything behind for, the one that blessed her with those three little angels, the one that loved her with all the meanings of the word from the moment he saw her until his heart stopped beating..




4 thoughts on “Night Dream ..

  1. after fighting all the obstacles
    and marrying each other
    he passed away
    leaving her damage to the core 😥
    very sad story
    god with her and her children
    a story that i wish to never come true

  2. 😦 eh2 eh2
    touched me emotionally waaaaaaaaaaaid </3
    espically elpart elle she remembered everything he didnt leave me 😦 :"(

    laaaaaaish mat o 5alaha broo7ha 3gb ma t7dt el3aaalm kelh 3shanah T_T
    Amalieee 7ram yatamtee elyhaal
    o b3deen i'm still wondering where is her son ra7? mo fe el video store @@

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